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2G Tracker is the device or system for positioning and tracking based on 2G network. It is usually used to remotely monitor and track the position of people or goods, such as vehicle tracking, logistics and transportation, emergency rescue and other fields.

2G Tracker usually consists of GPS module, GSM module and built-in battery. It obtains location information by receiving GPS satellite signals, and transmits these information to the designated server or management system through GSM network. Managers can access these data through the Internet or mobile applications, so as to monitor the position and moving trajectory of people or goods in real time.

The main advantage of 2G Tracker is that it can locate and track without network. It uses 2G network for communication. Although the network speed is slow, it covers a wide range, covering most parts of the world. In addition, the price of 2G Tracker is relatively low, so it is widely used in low-cost positioning and tracking applications.

However, 2G networks are also facing the trend of gradual elimination, because the world is turning to faster and more efficient 3G and 4G networks. Therefore, more advanced tracking technology may be needed in the future to meet the growing demand.

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