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SOS Tracker is an emergency locating device, which is used to track and locate people or things in an emergency. It usually cooperates with emergency rescue services or security companies to provide accurate location information when needed.

SOS Tracker can be a hardware device, such as an emergency locator or tracker with GPS positioning function. It can be connected with the central control system of emergency rescue service or security company, and send location information when needed. This kind of equipment is usually waterproof, shockproof and durable, and can be used in an emergency.

The main function of SOS Tracker is to provide accurate positioning information in an emergency, so that rescuers can quickly find people or things in need of help. It can help rescuers save time, improve rescue efficiency and ensure the safety of personnel. At the same time, SOS Tracker can also be used to track and locate people or goods in non-emergency situations, such as security monitoring and goods tracking in families or enterprises.

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