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Battery Tracking refers to a method of tracking the usage status of one or multiple batteries, which is mainly applied in the fields of electric vehicles and energy storage. It can achieve real-time or semi-real-time monitoring of battery temperature, voltage, current and other parameters, timely detect battery faults and threats, and take corresponding measures to protect battery safety and extend battery life.

Battery Tracker  typically includes sensors, data acquisition modules, communication modules, cloud platforms and other components. The sensors are used to monitor battery parameters, and the data acquisition modules acquire and process sensor data to obtain useful information. The communication modules send data to the cloud platform for remote display and storage. The cloud platform can also perform data analysis, historical data query, remote management and other functions.

Battery Tracking technology has many practical applications, such as electric vehicles and energy storage systems. It can monitor the operation status of the battery pack in real time, ensure the safety of the battery pack operation, and provide scientific basis for energy management and charging scheduling. It can also help users better understand the usage status of the battery pack, extend the service life of the battery pack, and reduce maintenance costs.

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