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Asset Tracking device is a kind of GPS positioning device specially designed for tracking and managing the assets of enterprises or organizations. This device usually has a large battery capacity, can stand by for a long time, automatically wakes up only once a day for positioning operation, and then goes back to sleep. This makes the standby time of the equipment as long as several years, and the battery has the characteristics of zero self-discharge and ultra-low self-discharge, which can maintain the long life and stability of the battery.

Asset Tracking device can accurately obtain the location information of the equipment by positioning through GPS satellite signals. Enterprises or organizations can use this equipment to track and manage various assets, including vehicles, goods and equipment. By monitoring the location and moving trajectory of assets in real time, the use efficiency and management level of assets can be improved and the risk of asset loss and theft can be reduced.

In addition, Asset Tracking device can also transmit positioning data to devices such as cloud or mobile APP through wireless communication network, which is convenient for users to view and manage assets at any time. Users can receive real-time positioning information through these devices, and schedule and manage assets to improve the operational efficiency and productivity of enterprises.

In a word, Asset Tracking device is an efficient and reliable asset tracking and management tool, which is suitable for asset management of various enterprises or organizations.

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