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WiFi Tracker is a device or system used to track and locate the location and status of a Wi-Fi network. It is usually used in commercial and industrial fields to help manage and monitor the use of Wi-Fi networks, including network location, signal strength, connection speed and so on.

Wi-Fi Tracker can be a hardware device, such as a signal receiver with Wi-Fi function, which can detect the signal strength and signal quality of Wi-Fi network. It can record the location and status of the network and transmit the data to the computer or the cloud, so that managers can check and track the usage of Wi-Fi network at any time.

Wi-Fi Tracker can also be a software application, which can be combined with computers or mobile devices to provide real-time location and status data of Wi-Fi networks. This application can help managers to better understand and master the use of Wi-Fi network and improve the efficiency and reliability of the network.

The main function of Wi-Fi Tracker is to provide real-time data of the location and status of Wi-Fi network, so that managers can better understand and master the usage of Wi-Fi network and optimize the network layout and performance. It can help reduce network failures and problems and improve work efficiency and productivity. At the same time, Wi-Fi Tracker can also provide data of network traffic and data usage to help managers better understand and optimize the use of network resources.

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