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Wired Tracker is a kind of equipment or system for data transmission and tracking through wired connection. It usually consists of sensors, data transmission lines and data processing units, and can be used to monitor and track the position and trajectory of the target.

Wired trackers are usually used in scenes that require high accuracy and stability, such as industrial automation, security monitoring, traffic control and so on. Its working principle is to collect the position and motion information of the target through sensors, and then transmit these information to the data processing unit for analysis and processing through wired lines.

The advantages of wired tracker include high precision, good stability and strong anti-interference ability. However, it also has some shortcomings, such as the need to lay the lines in advance, the difficulty in moving and the high installation cost. Therefore, when choosing to use a wired tracker, we need to weigh it according to the actual needs and usage scenarios.

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