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Personal tracking device is a real-time positioning device for personnel positioning, which can adopt various positioning methods, including GPS positioning, WiFi positioning and LBS positioning. Because GPS positioning needs a lot of power, in order to save power, the GPS module of Personal tracking device will only be turned on as needed to achieve longer standby time and better power saving performance.

This kind of equipment usually has the right size and certain portability, which is convenient for users to carry and use. In addition, Personal tracking device usually has certain waterproof performance, which can cope with the use of some outdoor environments.

Personal traker usually has a one-button SOS function, which is convenient for users to send out distress signals in an emergency. In addition, some devices also have functions such as temperature detection, which can monitor the ambient temperature in real time and help users understand the surrounding environment.

In a word, Personal tracking device is a practical, portable and multifunctional personnel positioning device, which is suitable for all kinds of scenes that need personnel positioning.

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