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Safety helmet locator is a kind of equipment or system used to track and locate safety helmet. It is usually used in dangerous workplaces, such as construction sites and petrochemical enterprises, to ensure that workers can quickly find and put on safety helmets in an emergency, thus avoiding head injuries.

The helmet locator can be realized by different technologies, such as GPS positioning, Bluetooth technology, RFID and so on. Among them, GPS positioning is a commonly used technology, which can accurately locate the position and moving trajectory of the helmet.

The helmet locator usually consists of GPS module, sensor, battery and so on. When a worker wears a helmet, the sensor will detect the position and moving track of the wearer and transmit the data to the GPS module. The GPS module will send these data to the designated server or management system, so that managers can monitor the position and action track of the staff in real time.

Besides GPS positioning technology, helmet locator can also be realized by other technologies, such as Bluetooth technology. The helmet locator using Bluetooth technology can transmit data to devices such as Bluetooth gateway or smart phone, so as to locate and track the helmet.

The safety helmet locator is an important equipment used in dangerous workplaces, which can effectively improve the safety level of workers.

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