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Wireless Tracker is a device or system that uses wireless communication technology to transmit and track data. It is usually composed of wireless communication module, sensor and data processing unit, and can be used to monitor and track the position and trajectory of the target.

The wireless tracker usually communicates with the target through wireless communication technology (such as Bluetooth, WiFi, RFID, etc.), and transmits the collected data to the data processing unit for analysis and processing. These data can include information such as the position, speed and direction of the target, and can be used in various application scenarios, such as logistics tracking, personnel positioning, animal tracking and so on.

The advantages of wireless tracker include high flexibility, easy movement and low installation cost. However, it also has some disadvantages, for example, wireless communication may be interfered or limited by signal coverage, and it is necessary to charge or replace the battery regularly. Therefore, when choosing to use a wireless tracker, we need to weigh it according to the actual needs and usage scenarios.

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