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The magnetic GPS tracker enables you to easily install the tracker on the iron plate to monitor anything from a single vehicle to the entire fleet or assets. These trackers have high-precision GPS positioning function, and at the same time use magnetic induction technology to achieve accurate adsorption on iron objects. This makes the magnetic GPS tracker fully meet the requirements no matter what the specific requirements of the equipment are. They are suitable for various scenes, such as vehicle tracking and valuables positioning. At the same time, the magnetic GPS tracker also has waterproof and dustproof functions, and can work stably in various environments. In addition, these trackers also have a remote control function, which can be remotely controlled through the mobile APP, including tracking, positioning, fortification and other operations. This enables users to grasp the real-time position and trajectory of the tracked object anytime and anywhere. Therefore, the magnetic GPS tracker is a very practical tool, suitable for all kinds of scenes that need to be monitored and tracked.

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