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One wire and iButton functions of the GPS Tracker realizes the correct identification of the driver, and the vehicle can only be started if the driver is legal, otherwise the vehicle will not be started, and the buzzer will be triggered to give an alarm. This system is usually used in vehicle management of enterprises or organizations to increase the safety of vehicle use.

Driver identification

In the process of realizing this function, the GPS Tracker communicates with the control system of the vehicle through the functions of one wire and iButton. One wire is a communication protocol, which can realize data transmission and control through one line. IButton is a chip with storage and identification functions, which can be used to store the driver’s identity information and other related data.

When drivers need to start the vehicle, they need to put the legal iButton chip near the GPS Tracker, and then send the start instruction through the vehicle control system. If the GPS Tracker can correctly identify the identity information in the driver’s iButton chip through the one wire communication protocol, then the vehicle can start normally.

If the GPS Tracker cannot identify the identity information in the driver’s iButton chip, the vehicle will not start and the buzzer will sound an alarm. This can effectively prevent illegal drivers from starting the vehicle, thus increasing the safety of vehicle use.

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