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PERSONAL TRACKER is a device that can be located at any time. It is equipped with a GPS chip inside and based on GPS, GSM, and GPRS technology, it can accurately know the specific location of the location object in a short period of time. It is small in size, stylish in appearance, durable, and has high positioning accuracy. It is mainly suitable for positioning and anti-theft. The personal locator can be used for the safety and protection of children, the elderly, and the disabled.

PERSONAL TRACKER usually have the following functions:
Positioning function: PERSONAL TRACKER can obtain the location information of the person being located through GPS, GSM, GPRS, and other technologies, enabling accurate knowledge of the specific location of the location object in a short period of time.
Two-way call: PERSONAL TRACKER can usually make calls to authorized numbers. When the button is pressed, the authorized number can be dialed and incoming calls can be answered.
Monitoring function: PERSONAL TRACKER can remotely monitor the sound around the person being located to keep abreast of the situation of the person being located.
Alarm function: PERSONAL TRACKER can send alarm information to authorized numbers in case of emergency, so that timely measures can be taken.
Electronic fence: PERSONAL TRACKER can set electronic fences. When the person being located leaves the set range, the personal locator will send an alert message to the authorized number.
Historical track: PERSONAL TRACKER can record the historical track of the person being located, allowing for the query and tracing of the person’s action track.
Remote control: PERSONAL TRACKER can be turned on and off, set parameters, and other operations through remote control.

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