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Long Standby Tracker is a tracking device or system with long standby function. It can work continuously for months or even years without external power supply, and provide power through built-in batteries or other energy storage devices.

Long standby tracker usually has GPS positioning, wireless communication and other functions, which can monitor and track the position and moving trajectory of the target in real time. It is usually used in scenes that need to be tracked for a long time, such as wildlife protection, vehicle theft prevention, personnel tracking and so on.

The technical principle of long standby tracker is to reduce the power consumption of equipment as much as possible by optimizing hardware design and energy management. For example, devices may use low-power chips and sensors, turn off unused functions and other measures to automatically wake up once a day and sleep after positioning to extend battery life.

It should be noted that the accuracy and reliability of long standby tracker are still affected by GPS signal coverage and signal quality. In addition, due to the need for long-term standby, the volume and weight of the equipment may be relatively large, so portability and concealment need to be considered.

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