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  • 14 years of experience in tracker fields;  Focus on IOT technology; Senior GPS Tracker experts and engineers;  Standardized production and management.
  • Since its establishment in August 2009, Tracker Factory has always adhered to the tenet of technological innovation. After 10 years of continuous accumulation and development, it has gathered a group of experts and senior engineers with rich experience in Internet of Things platform, APP client and GPS positioning terminal products. At present, Tracker Factory has a professional technical team integrating software, hardware and industrial design, with more than 50 development team members, who are committed to continuously promoting the technological progress of positioning products.
  • In terms of product production management, Tracker Factory adopts strict and standardized management measures and has a perfect production management system to ensure the quality of the products. Every production link pays attention to details and quality control to ensure the high quality and reliability of products.
  • In addition, Tracker Factory attaches great importance to communication and cooperation with customers. Through close cooperation with customers, we constantly optimize product design and improve service quality to meet customers’ needs and expectations. Tracker Factory also actively listens to customers’ feedback and suggestions, and constantly improves products and services according to feedback to improve customer satisfaction.

In the future, Tracker Factory will continue to adhere to technological innovation as its core competitiveness, constantly invest in research and development and improve products, and enhance service quality and customer satisfaction. At the same time, Tracker Factory will continue to expand the market and business scope, establish cooperative relations with more customers and partners, and jointly promote the development and application of Internet of Things and GPS positioning technology.

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